Coalition Agreement

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A coalition agreement is a contract that outlines the terms of cooperation between two or more political parties. In most cases, these agreements are formed when no single party can achieve an absolute majority in an election or when a government requires support to pass legislation.

The coalition agreement typically spells out the distribution of roles and responsibilities between the parties. This includes assigning key positions in the government, such as the Prime Minister, cabinet members, and other important officials. The agreement also sets out the parties` agendas and policy goals, identifying areas of both agreement and disagreement.

One of the primary advantages of a coalition agreement is that it can help to create a more stable government. By working together, the parties can increase their overall support and gain more votes than any one party could get on its own. Additionally, coalitions can help to foster greater cooperation and collaboration between political parties, which can lead to new policies and legislation.

However, coalition agreements can also be problematic. When parties with divergent views work together, compromises are often necessary. Some parties may feel that they are not getting their fair share of the power or that their agenda is being sidelined. Disagreements and differences in opinion can also arise, potentially leading to dissent and the dissolution of the coalition government.

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